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Live free, or disappear.

In the Hesperia Territory, revolution never wins. Fledgling reporter Mila Ray should know — for generations, her ancestors have died trying to overthrow their insidious, ever-watching government. She’s determined to find another way.

A whistleblower shares chilling government secrets and begs Mila to go with him to the Belgae, a small but growing group of insurgents who intend battle. She agrees — but the plan goes terribly wrong, and Mila must run from a sadistic Hesperian agent who has his own twisted agenda for her.

As she plunges into the crevices of her society, a chance encounter reveals a powerful new ally that would allow Mila a chance to incite a revolution unlike any Hesperia has ever known… or watch history repeat itself.

“Overall, this book is poised to speak to a world that desires to wake up from the nightmare of human history and find a way of Life that transcends the typical violent solutions to violent problems.”
— Charles, Amazon customer