Trust fall (and an answer to your question).

Well, I think I’ve thoroughly burned myself out on house projects, and my kitchen isn’t even all the way painted yet. Between a teething baby and a toddler who has been getting up at 5am again for the past week or so, there’s just not much energy left for tasks. My kitchen might be 75 percent yellow and 25 percent light blue for awhile…

But my second book feels like it’s ripening: The characters are coming alive, their world is growing richer, and the narrative is beginning to breathe. Though there are still many unknowns, the most important questions (mostly) have answers, and I think it’s almost time to just begin to write. I think I’ve got cold feet, though. I wrote Cerberus with too many unanswered questions and too many story arcs undecided, and it led to somuch editing and several drafts. This time, I want things to be different. I’ve been trying to plan more–which I think is necessary for me–but at some point it’s time to just write and accept that revisions are going to happen because there won’t be such a thing as a perfect first draft.

Time to trust fall. Even though so much changed with Cerberus from the first to final drafts, I was amazed at how many elements were planted in the very beginning that actually paved the way for the final draft. The pieces fell into place because somehow the framework was already there, as though the final story was in my subconscious all along. That’s what I love about the creative process–it does breathe. Trying to control every character movement won’t work for me; I have to give the story and the characters room. Planning and plotting are important for me but now I think it’s time to take the leap, put socks on my cold feet and just write, trusting that the pieces I still need will come to me as I go.

Several of you have asked if While Cerberus Sleeps will have a sequel, or if it is part of a series. Actually, my original intent was for it to be a standalone novel, but as I finished the story I realized that there might be yet another journey to tell. I’m not sure yet, but there’s a decent chance that I will revisit Hesperia–or maybe the Gair Empire–but right now I’m visiting a different world.

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