Well, here we go! While Cerberus Sleeps (yes, that’s the title) is on Kindle Scout until October 24th, and I’d love your support!

Kindle Scout has been described as “an American Idol for books.” Readers nominate their favorite books (limited to three per selection cycle, I think) for a publishing contract through Kindle Press. Nominations aren’t the deciding factor, but they’re a big part of it. Each book has a 30-day campaign, and then Amazon makes the final decision. Win or lose, I think it’s a great experience.

I realize I’ve really shared no concrete info about my book online yet — mainly because I really didn’t think I’d be publishing so soon. But what do you know? Both kids started waking up at random hours all throughout the night, and I got too paranoid to sleep for fear that I’d be awakened by screaming (not from the baby, but from the toddler), so I worked on my book instead. And now it’s done!

So, to my sweet babies who wouldn’t sleep… thank you!

And to you out there who stumble upon my little website, please visit Kindle Scout and consider nominating my book — and others! Once you start browsing, it’s hard to stop!

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I'm about to make some mistakes.