Cerberus on brick.jpg

Thank you, truly, to all of you for your support while my book was on Kindle Scout! So many of you not only read the excerpt and nominated, but shared (multiple times, even). It meant so much to me!

My Kindle Scout campaign ended on October 24, and by October 26, I was informed that my book wasn’t selected for publication. That’s okay, though: The important thing was that it was a great learning experience and helped me gear up to self-publish… which I have.

Yesterday, I published While Cerberus Sleeps and it is currently available as an ebook for just 99 cents! A paperback edition is also available. I hope that you will check it out and let me know what you think by leaving a review. You can buy it here.

It’s funny how, these days, you can run down to your favorite coffee shop, click a few buttons, and–bam–publish a novel. That’s what I did yesterday morning, after dropping my son off at mother’s morning out and leaving the baby girl to have some quality Dada time.

Four years of work, and now it’s out there. I don’t know if it feel real, because in some ways it felt like publishing a blog post. Click–there it is. Maybe it will crystalize when people actually begin to read it and tell me what they think… I hope they do! I can’t wait to learn from what my readers have to say.

Trust fall (and an answer to your question).