I have an editor!

I’m incredibly excited about it. Andy and I made the decision a couple of weeks ago, and I found Caroline, co-owner of BubbleCow, soon after. This is not only a huge check off the list as I move toward publishing my first novel, it’s a big investment in myself as a writer. Even in the sample edit, I could see how I will learn and grow so much through this feedback.

Many people think this means I’ve got a book deal or agent or publisher. No, I still plan to self-publish. True, not all self-published authors use an editor, but it was something I believed to be very worth it, if I found the right person. I went through two rounds of edits on my own–one round based on feedback from my critique group, and another based on feedback from some sharp beta readers–in order to polish the manuscript to the best of my ability before showing it to a professional.

I should receive my manuscript and notes fairly soon, and–deep breath–my goal is to go through and make all of the necessary changes and corrections before Baby 2 arrives in the beginning of April.

Whoo. We’ll see how that goes. There’s a lot to do in preparation for Baby 2, too. I’ll certainly keep the blog updated about how all the juggling is going. I never have learned to juggle (despite being married to someone who can).

Either way, this final edit is big momentum, and I’m pretty psyched about that!

I'm still here.

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